Cortona’s architecture is characterized by steep streets, ancient pavements and stone structures.

The ancient Medici Fortress is situated on the top of a hill. Many Medieval and Renaissance palaces can be found in Cortona, some of the most important are: Palazzo Civico, from the 13th century, with its tower from the 16th century, the Renaissance Palazzo Pretorio, where you can find the Etruscan Academy Museum, that holds precious Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman collections. Among Cortona’s sacred structures it’s necessary to mention St.Agostino’s Church, from the late 13th century, St. Domenico’s Church, from the 15th century, St.Francesco’s Church, founded by Friar Elia in 1245, the pre-Romanesque Farneta Abbey, the Romanesque St. Angelo’s Abbey and the huge St. Margherita’s Sanctuary, founded by the saint in the 13th century. In the nearby you can also visit the Capuchin monastery “Le Celle”, built near the cell where St. Francesco lived. Cortona is then Luca Signorelli’s and Pietro da Cortona’s birthplace. Another important place is the world-famous City Library and its Etruscan Academy, with its 22.000 volumes, 1172 parchments, 133 valuable incunabula and 633 manuscripts.

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